Customized Sales Skills Training

A Quick Start to Increased Revenues

DP Sales Pro teaches consultative skills that help your sales and customer service teams quickly outperform the competition. By learning how to establish more productive business relationships, your staff realizes increased revenues, market share and customer loyalty.

Depending on which parts of the sales cycle your firm and/or staff members need to focus on, we customize a training session(s) of several hours to a full day. We return for several follow-up sessions to conduct one-on-one meetings with each member of your staff. There we answer any remaining questions and reinforce the best practices and standards provided in the training.

Using our S.H.A.R.P. Sales TrainingTMsystem is the basis for training, we begin by teaching each staff member how to align personal and professional goals with business and sales goals. With increased motivation and passion, your teams then learn a full complement of consultative sales skills, which can include all or some of the following:

  • How to prospect, qualify leads, and minimize objections;
  • Shorten the sales cycle, by uncovering client needs and providing solutions;
  • Maintain value-driven verbiage by phone and email;
  • Provide consistent, reliable service, with maximized time management and effective handling of irate customers;
  • Think critically and out of the box to handle both internal and external customers;
  • And more, all with increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Because top-down buy-in further ensures success, all managers and team leaders take part in the training - and attend a follow-up session focused on maintaining standards.


Debra showed me how to keep my funnel full with potential customers. From my list of leads, she suggested that I call 5 at a time. When I finished calling my list of leads, I had two face to face appointments and one speaking engagement. Thank you Debra.

Brenda J Hal